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Mining Oil & Gas

Mining, oil & gas and petrochemical industries face unique challenges in the installation environment and equipment needed to access and process their final product. Whether it be mobile offshore drilling platforms, floating production storage and offloading units or onshore operations such as processing plants and terminals, the cables used face exposure to a range of chemicals, oils, acids and hydrocarbon-laden muds, as well as ultraviolet light, salt-water submersion, and mechanical and thermal stresses.

The cables are utilized in various types of mining applications and intended for long-term performance in the extremely harsh environment, while providing the greatest levels of safety and productivity. These cables offer excellent flexibility, torsion and drag resistance, in addition to exceptional electrical, temperature parameters, abrasion and flame resistance.

In addition to LV & MV power, data and control cables must meet a range of safety critical fire resistant and Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable. Constructions include mica tape fire barriers, lead (and lead equivalent) sheaths.